Multi-Converter (Multi-Data BOX) Introduction Movie

    Line up

    Model PFXLM4B01DDC (Source type) PFXLM4B01DDK (Sink type) PFXLM4B01DAC (Source type) PFXLM4B01DAK (Sink type) PFXGM4B01D
    Rear module installation adapter (PFXZXMADSA1)
    Type DIO model AIO + DIO model No I/O model
    DIO 20 IN / 10 OUT 12 IN / 6 OUT -
    AIO - 4 IN / 2 OUT -
    Detail Download datasheet -


    PFXLM4B01D (I/O model) PFXGM4B01D (No I/O model)

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