Load Cell | Bending Beam


    FUTEK Side Mount Load Cell Category offers a series of models particularly geared for OEM applications in both tension and compression. Featuring a single point with capacity available up to 226Kg or 500Ibs.



    Load Cells - LBB200 - Bending Beam Load Cell


    Bending Beam Load Cell     0.25~25 Ib


    Load Cells - LMD300 - Pinch Sensor

    Pinch Sensor
    50 lb

    Load Cells - LPM200 - Panel Mount Load Cell

    Panel Mount Load Cell
    10 g~5 Ib

    Load Cells - LSM200 - Fold Back Beam Load Cell

    Fold Back Beam 
    Load Cell

    10 lb

    Load Cells - LSM250 - Parallelogram Load Cell

    Parallelogram Load Cell
    0.25~1 Ib

    Load Cells - LSM300 - OEM Load Cell

    OEM Load Cell
    2.2~500 Ib

    Load Cells - LSM400 - Mini Beam Load Cell

    Mini Beam Load Cell
    5~150 Ib