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     Swing Type SWM/SWG Series

         ►Features  SWM image
    Level switches under new categories have beeng produced from our long years of experiengces and technologies.
    Due to the distinctive heart section, they have a durability three times as much as the rotary type level switches!
    • As they do not have drive units such as gear and clutch, cost for internal parts replacement is reduced significantly!
    • As the drive section and the heart section are blocked off from each other by the partition wall, the engtry of fine particles due to internal pressures is prevengted.
    • As the puddle is made swing from the electronic circuit section without connection, the electronic circuits are not damaged by overloads and impacts on the puddle.



          ►Operating Principles  


    When the deposits of measured substances restrain the puddle that is swinging like a pengdulum according to the signal from the electronic circuit section, the contact is output.




          ►Standard Specification

    Power Source 100, 240VAC 50/60Hz, Allowable range 85, 250VAC
    Power Consumption 12W
    Contact Capacity 250VAC 5A
    Measuring Interval €about 5 seconds
    Allowable Temperature €below 60 in a tank
    Allowable Pressure €0.2MPa €Option 0.5MPa
    Detection €Specific Gravity over 0.1
    Color Gold
    Process Connection Equivalengt to JIS 5K 65A
    Enclosure Rating Equivalengt to IP55


          ►Product Lineup

      • SWM-8B
        Standard Flange Type

      • SWM-8BH
        Heat Resistant Type

      • SWM-15B
        Withstand Load Type

      • SWM-8BA
        Adjustable Shaft Type

      • SWM-8BS
        Protective-tube extengsion type