Power quality solutions for the HVAC industry

    HVAC systems are increasingly being equipped with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), and are now commonly used with air handlers, pumps, chillers, and tower fans.



    These drives offer precise control and consume significantly less energy but have a drawback; due to their construction, they draw current from the electrical supply in non-linear pulses instead of linear sine waves. This causes harmonics in the system; if left unaddressed, harmonics will result in increased heating of the equipment and conductors, equipment operational problems including the VSDs themselves, and torque pulsations in motors. All of which lead to inefficiency, damage and even system failure.

    Harmonics can also affect other building elements. The electrical distribution supplying VSDs is often shared by other sensitive electronic systems like computers, communications networks and lighting. Protecting the system from distortions doesn’t just protect HVAC systems, it protects everything.

    Mirus harmonics mitigation solutions minimize disruption to the power supply, improving reliability and operation, minimizing the likelihood of equipment failure due to distortions, and improving energy efficiency to lower operating costs and lessen environmental impact.

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