How it works?

    The system consists of 2 devices. A Concentrator and Remote Nodes. All devices share a common data network, known as mesh networks.


    • Models: Concentrator and Remote Nodes
    • Suitable for Industrial environments
    • Communication IEEE 802.15.4 in 2.4GHz
    • Mesh Network between devices
    • Serial Port RS232/485/USB


    • Secure Wireless Communication
    • Multiple Remote nodes in one area
    • Blow cost of installation by point
    • Mesh Network technology (redundancy and better range)


    WSerial-C Concentrator 1x RS232/485 RS232/485 USB
    WSerial-ETH-C Concentrator 1x RS232/485 RS232/485 USB/ETHERNET (8 pulse counter)
    WSerial-N Node 1x RS232/485 + 1RS485 USB

    Mesh network

    The Mesh Network permits the nodes to communicate with each other independently. This means that the nodes cannot send information directly to the Concentrator, but rather can pass it to other nodes on the network so that the destination is reached. 


    Advantages of Mesh Network:

    • It is possible to carry messages from one node to another by different paths.
    • Each node has its own communications with the others.
    • Each node extends the scope of communications.
    • It is much safer. If a node fails, another will take over the traffic.

    Examples of Application

    Access to Remote Serial Ports