Using the cLAN devices allows for remote monitoring and control of sensors, transducers, and intelligent devices from your own control system or through our Web Server for telemetry applications


    • Programmable
    •    By loading a script text, the device can perform special functions.
    •    It can also be used without programming.
    • Register Data
    •    It allows nonvolatile record of acquired data. 
    • Data Base
    •    The information gained in the field, is loaded into a database, which can be accessed by the user.
    •    This allows you to publish information on a Web page 
    • Visualization
    •    The information stored in the database can be presented on a Server for Telemetry whose access is through a Web page.
    •    It may also be published by the user in its own website.

    cLAN Communication Protocols

    The clan communicates using different protocols, either by their serial RS232 / 485 or your Ethernet TCP / IP
    - Modbus Protocol 
    It behaves like a slave Modbus TCP to Modbus Serial, which can communicate with other devices Modbus Master (Software SCADA for example) 

    - Encapsulate serial protocols
    It behaves like a serial to Ethernet converter, serial protocols may be encapsulated in a frame of TCP / IP packets 

    - Free Port to develop proprietary protocols
    The user can program their own proprietary protocol, using the programming language scripts using text.

    - Other protocols
    The cLAN also has the NMEA 0183 protocol NMEA and MetPak de Gil Instruments ® protocol.


    • 16 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs
    • 8 Anolog Inputs 4-20mA, 0-1V y 0-10V
    • Pulse count inputs: Fmax=1KHz, Pulse = 0.5ms min
    • 2 Serial Port RS232 or RS485
    • 1 Ethernet Port TCP/IP 10/100Mbit
    • Satellite module antenna (optional)

    Compatible with Web Server for Telemetry



    • Math Operations
    • Binary Logic Operations
    • Date and Time Operations
    • Working with Timers
    • Read Analog variables
    • Records of Variables
    • Digital I/O Read/Write
    • Interpretation of data from the serial port
    • Sending serial data

    Examples of Scripts:

    Calculation of Flow: 
    Calculate the flow rate by measuring the differential pressure.
    Alternating 2 pumps: 
    Alternate the use of 2 pumps when using one timer.
    Detecting faults in dosing: 
    Stops the dispenser by the digital output based on the measurement of two temperatures and a digital signal.
    On / Off Remote: 
    Through an SMS message or pressing a button on the telemetry website server, GRD outputs can be activated into a system timer to be turned on or off.
    On / Off Automatic: 
    Through a set timer, the devices can turn on or off a system.

    Examples of Application

    Oil and Gas: Gas Compressors Telemetry

    Oil and Gas: Telemetry Oil and Gas Wells

    Hydorology: Telemetry Food Levels

    Water: Water Pressure Telemetry