Orbit® LT


    Orbit® Confocal


    Compact, 8 mm diameter                  Transducer Gauge Head

    1.5 mm or 5 mm measuring              range

    8 mm or 24 mm standoff distance

    Repeatable measurements to ±1      micron

    30 micron diameter spot size

    Excellent for measurement on          reflective surfaces

    Adjustment via LCD touch                screen

    Plugs into Orbit® 3, network for        up to 150 sensors

    Orbit® Confocal


    With the compact size of Solartron gauging probes and the flexibility of Solartron Metrology’s Orbit® 3 Digital Measurement System. For applications where a contact gauging sensor is unsuitable, this is a cost efficient non-contact measurement solution that includes an adjustable light source, standoff distances and a small spot size.