- Connectivity
      - Wide Range of Control Equipment
      - Use Video for On-Site Adjustments
      - Ethernet Multi-Link function
      - Easily Connect Multiple USB Devices
      - Indicate Status for Each Line
      - Boost System Performance 
    Smooth Alarm Analysis
      - Easier to Change a Recipe
      - Alarm History Banner Display
      - Output of Sampling Data in CSV
      - Historical Trend Graphs
      - Manage Operation Log Data
      - Configure Detailed Security Settings
      - Change Security Settings
      - Remote Monitoring in Real-time 
    Pro-Server EX
      - GP-Viewer EX
      - Camera-Viewer EX
      - Web Server
      - RPA (Remote PC Access)
        - Leverage Existing Assets
      - Project Converter
      - Resolution Converter
      - Batch Part Converter
      - Create similar screens
      - Sharing Images and Parts
      - Quickly Understand Detailed Differences
      - Multi-version File Format Support
      - SRAM Data Retention
      - Download Sample Parts 
    Indirect Device Setting 
    Anyone Can Design Realistic Screens
      - User Original Start Screen
      - Realistic 3D parts
      - Add Movement with Animation
      - Display Numerical Data in Style
      - Image Fonts to Expand Design
      - Display/Hide Parts Saves Time
      - Word Data Range Setting on Lamp Display
      - Sampling in Different Device Formats 
      - Utilize Siemens PLC's tag 
    Easier-to-understand Icon Design 
    Parts Toolbox 
    Headers/Footers for Immediate Access 
    Text Search/Replace Function 
    Direct Alarm Message Input 
    Searching/Sorting Alarm
      - Relieves PLC Memory Burden
      - GP-Pro EX Simulation


    PC Runtime - WinGP

    New features of GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0
    Runtime Engine "WinGP"

    WinGP - HMI screen data operable on a Windows PC

    The IPC runtime engine, WinGP, can run screen data created for Pro-face HMI on GP-Pro EX software on a Windows PC.