Economic non contact IR- temperature sensors for accurate readings


    IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER CT series can be used in a wide variety of applications. From low temperatures prevalent in cooling chains or laboratories, to the highest temperatures in hot .





    Spectral Range Object Temperature Characteristics Models
    8 to 14μm -50°C to 975°C IUniversal IR sensor for common applications CT
    8 to 14μm   -50°C to 975°C Temperature sensor for high speed measurements CTfast
    8 to 14μm -40 to 975°C Temperature sensor for extremely hot ambient temperature CThot
    1 to 1.6μm 250 to 2200°C Temperature sensor for metal processing CTM1/M2
    2.3μm 50 to 1800°C Temperature sensor for metals & composite materials CTM3
    2.3μm 100 to 1800°C Temperature sensor for laser welding processes CTM3-XL
    3.43μm 50 to 400°C Temperature sensor for measurement of thin plastic film CTP-3
    7.9μm 0 to 710°C Temperature sensor for measurement of plastics CTP-7
        Conversion kit for applications in hazardous EX environment CTex


    Measuring range (°C):-50 to 600 | -50 to 975
    Optical resolution 2:1 | 15:1 | 22:1
    Spectral range 8 to 14µm
    One of the smallest IR sensors in the world
    Robust and without cooling up to 180 °C
    Very small infrared sensor head
    Various output signals available
    Rugged sensor head
    Exchangeable sensors
    Best price