Compression Load Cells - Introduction


    LCM Systems manufacture a wide range of standard and custom designed compression load cells. Our range starts with very small compression load cells with capacities of 1kgs through to large 1000 tonne compression load cells. Designs include low profile, S-beams, pillar, button, annular and single point compression load cells. Ideal for general weighing applications, silo and vessel weighing and for determining centre of gravity, all compression load cells can be supplied with instrumentation packages including amplifiers and displays. We can also supply bespoke compression load cells in excess of 2000 tonnes. 

    Benefits of LCM Compression Load Cells:

     Highly accurate

     Extremely rugged to provide long-term, trouble free operation

     Available in a range of IP ratings

     Simple installation

     Customisable to suit specific applications

    wasThrough-hole load cell
    •  Force washer
    •  Stainless steel
    •  12.5kN to 540kN
    •  IP66

    Low profile pancake load cell
    •  Small physical size
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  100kg to 5000kg
    •  IP67

    Low profile pancake load cell
    •  Small physical size
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  100kg to 200te
    •  IP68
    cpaColumn type load cell
    •  High Capacity
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  2te to 1000te
    •  IP67
    swa-1Silo weighing load cell
    •  Welded construction
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  500kg to 100te