• T24-HR Wireless Telemetry Roaming Handheld Display  



                     ► Battery Powered and compact

                     ► Wakes and reads unlimited numbers of acquisition modules

                     ► Worldwide licence exempt 2.4 GHz radio

                     ► 120 metre (400 feet) range maximum

                     ► Simple configuration via PC using base station with Telemetry Toolkit software

                     ► Environmentally sealed to IP65

                     ► Remote battery check

                     ► Can power off a remote acquisition unit, to preserve system battery life.


    The T24-HR is a portable battery-powered roaming handheld which allows the viewing of an unlimited number of acquisition modules. By simply ‘roaming’ past the acquisitions modules, the handheld will wake each device and display the data tag of the remote acquisition module on the LCD display. With user-friendly T24 toolkit software, the data tags can be set to allow identification of each acquisition device allowing the viewing experience to be tailored to each particular application. The T24-HR is a display that is very simple to operate, with just two buttons; one to power the product on/off, the second to allow viewing of any detected devices that have been detected.


    The licence-free 2.4GHz radio signal provides a line-of-sight communication range of 120 metres (400 feet), extendable by the use of a repeater (T24-AR). The use of the latest DSSS radio technology minimises local radio interference and ensures data integrity and security. The wide operating temperature range and the robust technology ensures that the T24-HR it is not susceptible to harsh physical or electrical environments. LCM Systems can supply the T-24 products integrated into various sensors, to form a wireless sensor  system. There are several standard products which utilise the T24 range, including the TELSHACK range and RILL ranges.

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    Specifications ­ - General Radio

     Parameter Min Typical Max Units
     Licence   Licence Exempt    
     Modulation method   MS (QPSK)    
     Radio type   Transceiver (2 way)    
     Data rate   250   K bits/sec
     Radio Frequency 2.4000   2.4835 GHz
     Power   1   mw
     Range RAD24i (Integrated antenna)     120   (400) Metres (feet) *
     Range RAD24e (External antenna)     200   (650) Metres (feet) *
    * Maximum range achieved in open field site with T24-SA at a height of 3 metres above ground and T24-HR held at chest height pointing towards the T24-SA.


    CE Logo Complies with EMC directive. 2004/108/EC
    The Radio Equipment and Telecommunications
    Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive, 1999/5/EC.
    FC Logo Canada Industry
    Family: RAD24 IC:7224A-RAD24


    T24-HR ­ Handheld Reader

     Electrical Min Typical Max Units
     Power Supply voltage 2.4 3.0 3.6 V dc
     Power Supply Min Typical Max Units
     Active   35 40 mA
     Low power mode   120 160 uA
     Estimated Battery life (using 2Ahr batteries):        
     Standby mode (Powered off)   1.5   Years
     Continuous operation   40   Hours
    Use a pair of alkaline AA batteries. Due to the higher voltage requirements of this device NiMh and NiCad batteries are not recommended.
     Environmental Min Typical Max Units
     IP rating   IP65    
     Operating temperature range -10   +50 C
     Storage temperature -40   +85 C
     Humidity 0   95 %RH
     Module Transmits & Receives giving:
    1. ► Full error detection and correction
    2. ► Remote and local battery check
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    All dimensions in millimetres

    t24hr drawing

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                     ►Click here to download - T24-HR Datasheet

                     ►Click here to download - T24 Instruction Manual

                ►T24-SA Wireless Telemetry Strain Gauge Acquisition Module

                ►T24-SO Wireless Telemetry Serial Output Module

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    The T24-HR is a self contained product, which is designed to operate in conjunction with the rest of the T24 range of wireless telemetry products. LCM Systems can assist with the design and configuration of complete systems, to meet our customers application requirements.
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                     ►Wireless link load cells
                     ►Hoist load monitoring
                     ►Cable tension measurement
                     ►Mast stay load monitoring