Ultrasonic Type (Liquid Level Indicator) LU Series


    Obstacles in the tank are recognized as digital images. Measurement in a detection area narrowed down more than ever before is enabled by cutting unnecessary noise and filtering the output adequately.
    • It has become possible to perform difficult measurement in a narrow tank in a specific detection area.
    • Settings can be made easily using the push button and LCD.
    • Inch, cm, or % can be selected for the LCD display.
    • The transmitter can be used for various purposes thanks to the PVDF with excellent corrosion resistance.
    • The meter can be operated with ease thanks to the fail-safe function.



          ►Operating Principles


    The ultrasonic wave transmitted from the sensor reflects on the liquid surface, and the propagation time until the reflected wave is received by the sensor again is converted into the distance to the liquid surface and then output.




          ►Standard Specification  
    Item Specification
    Range 0.15 ~ 5m
    Dead band 15cm
    Accuracy ±0.25%
    Resolution 3mm
    Memory EEPROM
    Display LCD,4-digit
    Display units Inch or cm
    Display mode Distance to solution level
    Supply voltage 12-36 VDC
    Signal output 4-20mA or 20-4mA two-wire
    Loop resist 500Ω 24VDC
    temp.comp. Automatic
    Fail-safety Selestable 4mA, 22mA or hold
    Process temp. -40 to 60℃
    Pressure 0.2MPa(25℃)
    Enclosure Rating IP-65 NEMA 4X



          ►Product Lineup   
      • LU20-5061