• Application 146

    Power Window Pinch Test

    Application Summary

    Utilizing FUTEK's Pinch Load Cell, automotive manufacturers are able to verify pinch force of power windows. This precise, easy to use hand-held sensor is designed to help automakers comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.


    Products in Use

    Pinch Force Sensor (LMD300) paired with Instrumentation (IAA Series Analog Amplifier, IPM650 Panel Mount Display, IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display, and USB Solutions).

    Load Cell - Power Window Pinch Test
    How it Works
    1. Automakers use pinch force sensors to measure and record the closing force of a power window or sunroof.
    2. The LMD300 is a hand held unit placed between a power window and door frame. The load cell is then pinched and quantifies precise closing force measurement.
    3. These force measures can be streamed to a PC utilizing FUTEK's USB Solutions.
    4. Once streamed to a PC, that data can then be monitored by FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software. SENSIT™ can monitor up to 16 channels of measurement readings, as well as live graph and data log.
    Load Cell - LMD300 - Pinch Force Sensor
    Pinch Force Sensor
    Load Cell - IPM650 - Panel Mount Display
    Panel Mount Display
    Load Cell - IHH500 - Intelligent Hand Held Display
    Intelligent Hand Held Display
    Load Cell - USB SOLUTIONS - External USB Output Kit
    External USB Output Kit
    Load Cell - IAA Series - Analog Amplifier
    Analog Amplifier
    Load Cell - SOFTWARE - SENSITâ„¢ Test and Measurement
    SENSIT™ Test and Measurement