• Application 115

    Automotive Pedal Force Testing

    Application Summary
    Utilizing FUTEK's Pedal Force Sensors, automotive manufacturers are able to verify the safety and reliability of their automobile's braking mechanics.
    Products in Use
    Pedal Force Sensor (LAU Series) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions, or IAA Series Amplifiers).
    Load Cell - Automotive Pedal Force Testing
    How it Works
    1. Brake system testing is normally carried out during various stages of the manufacturing process. It starts in the initial development stage, followed by endurance, lab and track testing, and continues through the production process for added quality assurance.
    2. In this particular application, operators may utilize FUTEK's LAU220 Pedal Force Sensor, which is equipped with a mounting plate to ease installation.
    3. Mounted to the top of the automobile's brake pedal, this pedal force sensor accurately measures and records applied forces during scheduled tests. These tests are carried out to validate the integrity of the brake system.
    4. The top surface of the sensor is spherical, centralizing the impact force.
    5. Operators can monitor the data via FUTEK’s IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display or IPM650 Panel Mount Display; or it can be streamed to a computer via FUTEK’s USB Solutions.
    6. The data can then be monitored through FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software. SENSIT™ can monitor up to 16 channels of measurement readings, as well as live graph and data log.
    7. This system can also be utilized for accelerator, clutch, and parking brake pedal testing.
    Load Cell - LAU SERIES - Pedal Force Sensors
    Pedal Force Sensors
    Load Cell - IAA Series - Analog Amplifier
    Analog Amplifier
    Load Cell - USB SOLUTIONS - High Resolution USB Output Module
    High Resolution USB Output Module
    Load Cell - IHH500 - Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display
    Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display
    Load Cell - IPM650 - Panel Mount Display
    Panel Mount Display
    Load Cell - SOFTWARE - SENSITâ„¢ Test and Measurement
    SENSIT™ Test and Measurement