Product Description


    FUTEK's LCB400 Rod End Load Cell Tension and Compression is designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads. The standard LCB400 has male/female threads, uses a lightweight 2024-T4 aluminum for lower capacities (500 lb) and a robust 17-4 PH stainless-steel for the higher capacities (3000 lb – 10,000 lb). This model is well suited for the mid range to high range capacity requirements. For any applications that require a higher capacity range, please refer to the LCB450.


    The LCB400 Rod End Load Cell Tension and Compression has high accuracy and high stiffness. It has a nonlinearity of ± 0.5% and a deflection of 0.0011 – in 0.0031 in nominal. The standard LCB400 can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most models are in our inventory, making them available for 24-hour shipping. Similar to our entire Load Cell product line, this model is manufactured in the USA, and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.


    Product Highlights:

    • Light weight
    • Low deflection, light weight
    • For use in both tension and compression
    • Can easily thread in line into a threaded rod or actuator 
    Product Specifications
     Height (in)  4.3
     Weight (lbs) 0.4375
     Compensated Temperature   60    160  F
     Excitation   1    18  Vdc
     Hysteresis   -0.5    0.5  % of R.O.
     Input Resistance    394    Ohms nom.
     Insulation Resistance  500      Mohms @ 50 Vdc
     Nonlinearity   -0.5    0.5  % of R.O.
     Nonrepeatability   -0.1    0.1  % of R.O.
     Operating Temperature   -60    200  F
     Output Resistance    350    Ohms nom.
     Output Symmetry  -2    2  % of R.O.
     Safe Overload       150  % of R.O.
     Temperature Shift Span   -0.01    0.01  % of Load/F
     Temperature Shift Zero   -0.005    0.005  % of R.O./F
     Zero Balance   -3    3  % of R.O.
     Capacity      1000  lbs
     Rated Output     2    mV/V nom.
     Calibration Excitation    10    Vdc