Mentor MP - High performance DC drive solution platformcULus Listed

    25 A – 7,400 A (5 hp – 6,500 hp)

    460 V | 575 V | 690 V

    Mentor MP brings DC drive technology up to date, enabling existing and new DC motors to provide economic and productive service. DC drive technology remains cost effective, efficient and is relatively simple to implement. For new applications, DC provides many advantages, especially for regenerative and high-power applications.

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    Commissioning and monitoring software


    CTSoft - Drive configuration tool for Control Techniques drives
    CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring Control Techniques drives
    CTScope - Real-time software oscilloscope
    CTScope is a real-time, full-featured software oscilloscope for viewing and analyzing changing values within the drive

    Automation and motion programming software


    SyPTPro - System programming toolkit for drive automation systems
    SyPTPro provides a full featured programming environment for PLC and motion control onboard Control Techniques AC, DC and servo drives
    SyPTLite - Fast user program editor for Control Techniques drives
    SYPTLite is a ladder diagram editor allowing users to develop simple programs for Control Techniques drives and SM Option Modules
    Connectivity software
    CTOPCServer - OPC compliant server
    CTOPCServer is an OPC compliant server for interfacing your PC software with Control Techniques


    HMI software

    CTVue HMI Software
    Control Techniques CTVue human interface software tool enables the operator to easily configure drive-related control variables.

    Further information

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