• Structural Health Monitoring Test and Measurement Technical Building Management
    Environmental Monitoring Condition Monitoring Flight Test Measurement
    Offer a True Flexibility to your Testbench
    BeanAir technology offers solutions for rolling stock, naval and aeronautic manufacter in terms of test and measurement, aiming at reducing costs related to test bench:
    - Automotive: Tests on raceway and dirt track, wind tunnel testing, laboratory test benching
    -Railway: Vibration monitoring on train wheels, automatic fault detection on sensitive device and systems
    - Aeronautic: Comfort measurement, flight test measurement, Health and usage monitoring system
    -Naval equipment: Tracking, monitoring, surveillance, underwater test benching, engine room monitoring
    BeanAir has designed a new family of rugged and miniaturized wireless sensors well suited for harsh environments.
    Thanks to a high sampling rate (64 KHz on Spacewireless product line), dynamic measurement is now reachable with our wireless technology:
    • Shock Measurement (SSD– Smart Shock Detection—Technology)
    • Tilt measurement
    • Vibration Measurement
    BeanAir sensor technology offers great reliability, versatility, maintainability and easy to deploy technology.
    BeanAir Wireless Sensor Networks for Testbed on Rolling Stock
    A Sensing Technology dedicated to Embedded Measurement
    Reduce your Cabling Costs
    The cabling cost is becoming more and more important in embedded device and equipment. The cost of integration, maintenance as well as the cabling weight induce non negligible constraints that can be more costly than the price of cabling alone. BeanAir® offers you to slash these costs by choosing a wireless instrumentation.
    A Radio Transmission Optimized for Harsh Industrial Environment
    While the vast majority of wireless measurement systems show their limits in harsh industrial environment, BeanAir® has designed an innovative concept based on antenna diversity allowing to optimize the radio link quality in environments subject to random and diverse disturbance.
    Rugged and Miniaturized Wireless Sensors
    Areas that had been inaccessible to wired sensors are now at reach thanks to rugged and miniaturized wireless sensors device ( IP66/IP67 rating & 200G shock resistant).
    A Supervision Software Designed to Match your Needs and Blend into your IT Infrastructure
    The BeanScape® is a real time supervision and monitoring system that allows you to view and manage in real time BeanAir® Wireless Sensor Networks.
    The BeanScape® is also fitted with an expert system allowing to view and interpret elements such as measurement or network alarms. The BeanScape® integrates an OPC server allowing to blend into your IT system. Most engineering platform tools (MatLab, LabView, WinDev,...) integrate an OPC client.
    SmartSensor Range Main Applications
    Wireless Accelerometer
    • Dynamic measurement
    • Vibration analysis
    • Inertial measurement
    • Movement detection
    • Structural health monitoring (SHM)


    Wireless accelerometer with integrated Data logger


    AX-3D Xrange

    High performance wireless accelerometer with integrated data logger

    Wireless Accelerometer Dedicated to Shock Measurement
    • Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
    • Shock measurement on vehicles & trains
    • Transportation monitoring
    • Drop testing
    • Crash and impact testing
    • Ride Quality measurement


    Wireless accelerometer dedicated to shock measurement with integrated data logger

    Wireless Inclinometer
    • Platform Leveling and stabilization
    • Laser level rotation
    • Slope measurement (Building, infrastructure )
    • Oil drilling
    • Axial rotor measurement


    Wireless inclinometer with integrated data logger (high accuracy version)


    Hi-Inc Xrange

    High performance wireless inclinometer with integrated data logger (high accuracy version)

    Case Study: Vehicle Test Bench
    Case Study: Vehicle Test Bench
    Just like the test tracks, the test benches simulate extreme usage conditions the vehicle may bear during years of use: very high or very low temperatures, wind, etc. The whole vehicle or certain of its parts are subject to tough climate exposure tests, in special chambers reproducing extreme heat, sunlight, cold, damp or undergo test cycles replicating driving conditions on rollerbeds to test the clutch, the gearshift and acceleration, just like a pilot driving on various roads. The aim of all these tests is to ensure that everything complies with the technical specifications and, more importantly, meets the customer requirements. Many different sensors play a supporting role for such types of tests. Wired sensors are intrusive and can be easily deployed on all the vehicle parts.
    BeanAir® and an engineering company specialised in vehicle test benching (automobile, heavy trucks, industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles), have joined their knowledge in an effort to offer an innovative solution which will change the way vehicles will undergo testing in the future.
    The concept of « Plug & Drive» laboratory vehicle pushs back the limits in terms of testbed vehicle instrumentation by integrating wireless technology.
    Vehicle brake system testing
    Our wireless data logger, the BeanDevice® AN-420 were coupled with a pressure sensor , allowing the customer to validate the ABS (Anti-lock braking system) & ESP (Electronic Stability Program) on a vehicle.
    Real time measurement monitoring
    All measurements are recorded and stored on the Beanscape®. Each measurement is time stamped and Geotagged in real time within a 1Hz bandwidth. It is therefore possible to efficiently analyse the behaviour of a vehicle and geolocate it when an alarm is being issued.