High Efficiency Solar Panel With Solar Charging Controller and Lead-Acid Battery

    Product Reference
    CL– Cable length between X-solar box and solar panel
    2M : 2meters
    5M : 5meters
    10M : 10meters
    Example: X-SOL-5W-M8-2M

    Solar Panel Specifications
    Maximum Power (Pmax) High effciency Polycrystalline solar cell technology
    Maximum Power (Pmax)
    Voltage at Pmax 17.8VDC
    Current at Pmax
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +85 °C
    185 x 250 x 25 mm
    Connector Type M8-3pins
    IP Rating
    Waterproof IP67 | NEMA 6
    Cable Length
    2m up to 10m
    Weight with Cable 0.95kg minimum
    Mounting Method Screw mounting - wall mounting kit is included

    Charging Controller Box Specifications
    Charging controller type Solar charging controller
    Input voltage solar cell panel 14-30VDC
    Nominal voltage 12VDC
    Max Input current 6A
    Power consumption 
    <2.5mA , Led switch on
    Battery Technology Valve regulated lead acid battery
    Battery Capacity 0.85Ah
    Output Voltage 4VDC
    Led displays Battery Full and Charging
    Dimensions 202 mm x142 mm x 55 mm
    IP Rating Waterproof IP67|NEMA 6
    Weight 1.8 kg
    Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C