How does it work?

    SSE232-IA3 Is an Ethernet communications device that can connect any serial device (RS232/RS485/RS422) to a Standard Ethernet network. Now, you can connect two remote RS232 devices through an Ethernet network. In addition, you can get remote access to those devices from a PC.
    As a special feature, the SSE232-IA has built-in digital inputs / outputs. This feature is different from similar devices, as it provides a comprehensive solution for remote control applications, without the need for additional input / output modules.


    • DIN rail mounting, temperature-resistant Industrial Case
    • Wide range power supply (10 to 30 Volts DC)
    • Industrial pluggable terminal blocks.
    • Automated recovery in case of lost communication
    • COM Port redirector software enables existing software Applications to access connected devices
    • Digital Input Notification through SNMP traps. SNMP Digital Outputs control
    • Easy Web browser configuration
    • Device search utility


    • Converts serial ports to Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP/UP
    • Up to 4 serial ports RS232 / RS485 / RS422
    • Serial port transparent Tunnel
    • Ethernet I/O, with built-it digital inputs and outputs
    • Multi-drop over Ethernet. One server, many clients


    SSE232-400-00-IA3-CF 4 RS232 ports with flow control
    SSE232-4B0-00-IA3 4 configurable RS232/RS485 ports5
    SSE232-1C0-00-IA3-IS 1 configurable RS232/Isolated RS485 / Isolated RS422 (half-duplex)
    SSE232-1C0-10C-IA3-IS 1 configurable RS232/Isolated RS485 / Isolated RS422 + 10 configurable digital inputs/outputs