How does it work?

    Using SGW1-IA3-MB-HL you can connect an OMRON® PLC to a Modbus Network. Protocol conversion is based on easy-to-fill translation tables. EG: You can read OMRON® registers DM0100 to DM0199 through Modbus registers 40100 to 40199.


    • DIN Rail mounting, temperature-resistant Industrial Case
    • 2 serial ports (1 Modbus + 1 Hostlink)
    • Modbus ASCII and RTU protocols
    • Hostlink protocol configurable
    • Allows several Hostlink Slaves connected to only one SGW1-MB-HL.
    • Baud rates up to 115200 bps
    • Easy to install and set-up through a serial console
    • Wide range power supply (10-30V DC)
    • Easy Serial Ports Configuration