How does it work?

    DABin enables any remote device to be managed through a web browser just if you were there. This state-of-the-art, powerful device provides interaction with different electric and electronic equipment through a standard Internet browser. By accessing the web page resident within DABin, you can monitor the status of all the devices connected to it, through its multiple digital Inputs/Outputs and serial ports. If you wish to operate off-line, you will be informed of any active alarms or events which may have occurred within the device by means of an e-mail message. This message is sent by DABin to a cellular phone, pager, PDA or e-mail account.


    • Develop customized Web pages with a standard Web editor and download them easily to DABin
    • Inputs monitoring via SNMP
    • Stand alone web server
    • Embedded FTP Server
    • Protocols available: Modbus, DF1, Hostlink
    • One configurable Serial Port (RS232/485/422)
    • Built in digital inputs-outputs
    • Alarm report by e-mail
    • Flexible power requirements
    • Secure access and management
    • Full Configuration Software (DCM)
    • DIN Rail mounting (optional)


    • Industrial Automation
    • Vending Machines
    • Energy Systems
    • Refrigerated Warehouses
    • Building Automation and Security Industry
    • Access Control
    • Retail / POS Industry


    DABin-1083-ST-MB 10 base T 1
    --- --- 8
    DABin-1C43-ST-MB 10 base T 1
    1 1 4 3
    DABin-1083-ST-DF1 10 base T 1
    --- --- 8 3
    DABin-1083-ST-HL 10 base T 1
    --- --- 8 3
    DABin-1C43-ST-HL 10 base T 1
    1 1 4 3