Power quality solutions for marine applications

    Harmonic voltages and currents in electrical systems are a frequent cause of power quality problems on marine vessels. The trend towards electric propulsion has introduced the use of large variable speed drives. When supplied from a weak generator source, the harmonic currents these drives consume will increase heating in electrical components and badly distort the system voltage. This can lead to equipment operational issues, including misfiring and failure of the variable speed drives, generator regulation problems, lost dependability in mission critical systems and torque pulsations in motors. Also the additional harmonic losses reduce operational efficiency significantly increasing operating costs. Reducing harmonics is vital to reliable operation and regulatory compliance..

    To avoid massive maintenance, replacement and energy consumption costs, harmonic mitigation is the answer. Mirus marine solutions offer the most cutting-edge technology available for propulsion systems, winch operation, cargo handling equipment and many other applications. By applying reliable harmonic mitigation equipment on the adjustable speed drives of thrusters, main propulsion, ballast pumps, conveyor systems and ventilation fans will increase operation and fuel efficiency, and comply with the strictest marine certifying body-standards.

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