Development of customer-specific sensors

    For applications where high volumes are required in different industries, Micro-Epsilon develops sensors that are precisely tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. The geometry, electronics and packaging are custom engineered to suit these specific requirements. Due to the high vertical range of design and manufacturing disciplines within the Micro-Epsilon group, minor adaptations through to customer-specific development projects can be implemented effectively.

    Customer-specific displacement sensors are designed for different measurement tasks. Depending on the respective requirements, the geometry of the housing, connector type and measurement signal can be adapted. Different measuring techniques also enable applications in challenging environments such as:

    • High ambient pressures
    • Oil, dirt, dust
    • High temperature environments
    • Vacuum
    • Vibration, shock
    • Hazardous (Ex) environments
    • Dirty installations and measurement spaces

    Products and applications sorted by industry

    Automatically running processes must also be controlled whether the required target movement has actually been achieved. Their monitoring is often more complex the faster and more precisely the production runs. Measurement technology is a crucial factor for the safety and quality of the products. Sensors for all measurement principles are used for this in numerous applications. They range from the simple OEM standard sensor to the completely new type of measuring systems for in-line inspection.


    Application consulting for sensors and systems

    Since the wide range of Micro-Epsilon products is used to solve the most diverse measurement tasks, the applications published in this category are sorted by measurement operation. Due to the large number of different measurement operations, these were grouped in blocks.