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     Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter ENV200


    It helps with the automation of sludge discharge, the reduction of the amount of polymer used in a dewatering process, and the improvement of efficiency of a thickener purification process!
    • It enables continuous and real-time measurement.
    • It is equipped with a logger that can store 10,000 data.
    • A sensor type suitable for each site can be selected.
      (Spool piece type, tank installation type, and insertion type)



          ►Operating Principles


    Almost all measuring instruments for suspended solid substances are based on a method of processing the attenuation amount of ultrasonic waves through comparison of amplitude variations of the wave receiving signal. When this method is used, the capacity of solid substances in a liquid is kept fixed. Because the pipe shape and flow velocity affect the stability and reliability of measurement, high-precision measurement is impossible. Our ENV200 type meter increases precision by method of calculating energy with the wave receiving envelope, not by utilizing amplitude variations of the wave receiving signal.




          ►Standard Specification  


    Type   ENV200
    Measuring Principle   Ultrasonic Attenuation and EEAM(Envelope Energy
      Average Method)  
    Measuring Ranges   Standard:2,000~200,000mg/ℓ(0.2~20%)
    Measuring Mode   Process Mode,Real-time Mode
    Resolution   100mg/ℓ (0.01%)
    Accuracy   ±5% or ±2,000mg/ℓ whichever is greater
    Repeatability   ±1%(FS)
    Display   Temperature, Humidity, mA, Time, Pipe condition, Flow condition,
      self-check etc.
    Operational Temperature   -20~+60℃
    Output   analog  4-20mA max.750Ω
      relay  SPDT x 3, AC250V 5A(ER, R1, R2)
      digital  RS232C, RS485(option)
    Power   AC100~240V 50/60Hz <6W
    Enclosure Rating   IP-67
    Type S2-P
    (Spool Piece type)
    (Tank Mount type)
    (Insertion type)
    Material   SUS316   SUS316   SUS316
    Pipe Size   50~600mm    
    Frequency   1MHz, 500kHz   1MHz, 500kHz   1MHz, 500kHz
    Max. pressure   10bar   10bar   10bar
    Cable   10m, 100m max.   10m, 100m max.   10m, 100m max.
    Operational Temperature   -10~60℃   -10~60℃   -10~60℃
    Enclosure Rating   IP-68   IP-68   IP-68
    Cleaning   option    




          ►Product Lineup
    • Sensor
      S2-S(spool piece type)

    • Sensor
      S2-T(tank mount type)

    • Sensor
      S2-C(Clamp on type)

    • Controller