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     Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Indicator ENV100 Series


    It can detect unclear sludge layers in a purifying tank, thickener, etc. with a high degree of accuracy. The sensor is excellent in maintainability and reliability!
    • It enables continuous and real-time measurement.
    • An economical system is available so that 4 sensors can be connected at the maximum.
    • It is provided with a logger that can store 400 days’ data at the maximum.
    • Wiring cost can be reduced by the optional wireless system.
    • Maintenance loads can be reduced significantly by the automatic cleaning method.



          ►Operating Principles
    The propagation time from when an ultrasonic wave transmitted from the sensor reflected on the contamination surface and received again by the sensor is converted into the distance to the contamination surface and then output. ENV100 image



          ►Standard Specification
    Application   Single Type
    Type   ENV100-S
    Range   0.35~10m  
    Resolution   1cm
    Accuracy   ±0.5% FS or 2.5cm
    Temperature   -10 ~ +60℃
    Nbr of Sensor   1
    Data Storage   400 days at the maximum
    Display   Value, Echo, Trend
      Level, Distance, Temper,mA, Time
    Output   4-20mA 250Ω max.
      SPDT x 3 (5A 250VAC)
    Power   AC100~240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption   Below 6W
    Enclosure Rating   IP-67
    Type   SI-G
    Material   Main Body:SUS316
      Transmitting face:PVC+epoxy
    Cleaning   built-in nozzle
    Connection   NPT 3/4
    Cable Length   10m(standard),300m max.
    Temperature   -10~+60℃
    Enclosure Rating   IP-68



          ►Product Lineup
      • ENV100-S/M
        Stationary Type

      • ENV100-P
        Portable Type