Forward Scattering Dust Monitor QAL181


    This monitor can make stable detections regardless of the presence or absence and types of dust chambers and exhaust gas treatment systems including a large boiler and large kiln.
    • The pin spot measurement minimizes the influence of various conditions.
    • High resolution: 0.1 mg/m3 Recommended measuring range: 0 to 10/100 mg/m3
    • A zero span self-diagnosing function is provided.
    • A 16-channel sensor is supported by the multi-controller (optional).



          ►Operating Principles 
    Laser light is irradiated on dust particles, and the scattered light (forward light scattering method) is collected and scattered by the mirror, and then detected through the quartz rod. As forward-scattered light from which the largest scattering intensity can be obtained is collected with an efficient collection mirror and detected through the quartz rod without transmission loss, the monitor can make stable detections with less influence of noise.
    Forward Light Scatter Measurement



          ►Standard Specification 
    Model QAL181
    Interface module
    Power Source  AC90~260V 1A(50/60Hz)
    Outputs  DC4~20mA
     (isolated, resistance load max.500Ω)
     Serial RS232C・RS485
     Relay contact 1cX2(AC250V 2A)
    Sensor connection point  1
    Resolution  < 0.01mg
    Self-checks  Zero and Span checks
    Memory capacity  (1 sensor)
     Long:2 months @ 15 minutes
     Short:7 days @ 1 minute
     Pulse data:2 hours @ 1 second
     Alarms:500 entries
    Housing  Enclosure Rating IP-65
     Material ADC
     (epoxy coated)
    Display  LCD
     (Bar-graph, Values, Trend screen etc)



          ►Product Lineup 
    • QAL181
      Standard Type

    • QAL181 PLUS
      MultiController Type