Technical Data

    3-phase SCR Energy Saving Motor Controller

    Size 1 up to 100A
    Size 2 up to 195A
    Size 3 up to 500A

    Internally Bypassed

    Motor Protection
    Full I2T Motor Overload with memory.
    Current limit set at 4.5x to meet IEC standards.

    Supply Voltages
    208, 230, 400,460 volts as standard
    Allowing for varying supply frequency 45Hz-65Hz
    690V version available 2013

    Standard Duty Rating
    Trip Class 10
    3x 23 or 3.5x 17
    5 starts/hours
    90% duty

    Frame Sizes
    Up to 100Amps 95mm wide
    Up to 195Amps 142mm wide
    Up to 500Amps 205mm wide

    Enclosure Type
    Up to 195Amps IP20/NEMA 1 – with finger guard
    Above 195Amps IP00/NEMA 1
    Optional Finger Guards for all sizes to ensure full IP20 enclosures.

    Enclosure Construction
    Main chassis: Metal
    Front Cover: Injection Moulded Plastic
    Terminal Covers: Injection Moulded Plastic

    Terminal Position
    Terminal position/spacing to match common contactors.

    Terminal Construction
    Up to 195Amps Cage Clamp
    Above 195Amps Plain Busbar

    Control Voltages
    24V DC, 110/230V AC

    Ambient Operating Conditions
    20deg C to 50deg C

    Energy Optimizing with improved strategies

    Super Optimising with Internal Bypass – Yes

    In Delta/6 wire connection – Yes
    No energy optimizing)

    Display Technology
    3.5“ Colour-TFT Touch Screen

    Keypad to be fixed and an optional IP55 remote keypad will be available for remote/door fitting.

    Multiple language option

    3 x NO programmable output relays
    1 x NC programmable output relays
    3 x programmable digital inputs
    1 x PTC thermistor input
    1 x 0-10V/4-20m Analogue input
    1 x 0-10V/4-20m Analogue output
    1 x USB

    Standard: ModBus
    Optional: Anybus providing CAN, Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNET

    Data Logging
    Date of first start (warranty date)
    Total number of soft starts.
    Number of soft stops.
    Number of error events.
    kWh Saving Instantaneous/Last Hour/Day/Month/Ever
    Operating Duty Indicator (%age of max duty)
    Last 100 events start/stop/errors/faults/temps with date/time
    Detailed profile for last 10 successful starts/stops.
    Detailed profile for last 10 unsuccessful starts/stops.
    Display event logs.
    Export data in CSV format.

    EU/IEC Legislation
    IEC 60947-4-2: 2012
    Low Voltage Directive
    Battery Directive
    Energy Using Products/Energy Related Product Directives

    Products comply to REACH, SVHC, RoHS and WEEE.

    CE, ETL pending, Marine Standards pending

    2yrs – (5yrs with extended warranty)

    Fan failure to be detected, logged and reported.
    Emergency running on 1/2 thyristors.

    Field Serviceability
    All firmware to be forward/backward compatible.
    Firmware to be upgradable from USB port.

    Disclaimer – Fairford Electronics reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.