Features and Benefits

    Ease of Use
    The display will show all messages in full and in multiple languages. The use of graphic/schematic images will aid understanding. Detailed logging will aid setup and onboard USB will allow configurations to be upload/downloaded and emailed.

    Touch Screen
    Colour Touch screen on all versions.

    Plug n Play
    The SoftStarter will ‘tune’ itself to the load.

    Auto Set Up
    The automatic features in the QFE/XFE will be expanded so that more features can be configured without referring to parameter lists.

    Energy optimizing will be combined with bypass to give energy saving in more applications. These energy saving features will be backed up by independent research.

    Boards and fans to be replaceable in the field.

    2yr warranty, with a 3year extension sold by distributors. This is made economically viable by the comprehensive logging features, so customer abuse can be easily identified.

    Future versions will include
    Fault Zone Analysis Allowing predictive analysis of motor faults. Motor Efficiency Estimation Estimate motor efficiency.